Interactive events platform

Everybody can participate in the events by using smart-phone.
It supports the interactive quiz shows to consult all citizens.
Co-producing with KBS, EBS and ArirangTV

첫번째 메인비쥬얼

1 million Spectators.

1 million Spectators can participate in the event simultaneously.
It supports many event channels at same time.
Real time analysis of viewer’s response.

두번째 메인비쥬얼

Online quiz game service

ThankyouAge also support online quiz game without TV show.
Every Thursday a quiz game will proceed automatically by quiz setting.
A Single quiz game that everyone can involve at any time.

세번째 메인비쥬얼

Offline quiz show

Quiz events that many people involved in the festival.
The smooth progress of the moderator to identify the best quiz king.
t is possible to give a prize to one of the surprising answers.

첫번째 메인비쥬얼 배경 사진
broadcast icon

Everybody can participate

Interactive Broadcasting platform

Who takes charge for the text?

#0000, do you still send text messages to join the show?
What is the reason for paying fee while providing information?
Can you believe the results of the poll without real-time analysis?

I recommend ThankyouAge

ThankyouAge is an interactive participating system that allows viewers to participate without paying any using free.
Analyze the opinions of viewers in real time and display them in graphs.
We provide a variety of broadcast formats.
Support interactive Quiz show, interactive Talk show, public speaking programs decided by citizen, and so on.
Moremore icon
    - Vietnam Quiz Show LoveCoin co-production
    - Every Thursday at 10 pm on YouTube, Facebook

  • 'Kid’s Dinner'
    - Live show recorded via Smartphone
    - Collective intelligence cooking contest 'Kid’s Dinner'

  • 'The Rival'
    - Team-based Collective Intelligence Quiz show 'The Rival' co-production

  • Smart Talk Show 'Listen Up'
    - Daejeon MBC Asan / Sejong / Nonsan – 3 episodes have been produced
    - A talk show that communicates our philosophy closer and more intimately to our region

  • Scholarship Quiz “Go to School”
    - Long traditional quiz show "Scholarship quiz, go to school" production participation
    - Season 1 (12eps) production completed, season 2 additional production in progress

  • Smart Talk show “Follow Me”
    - Produced two episodes of broadcast, selected at all ages
    - Dilemma quiz, talk quiz show which the right answers are decided by viewers
    - Disturbances on the streets, dialogues involving everyone

  • Good morning “Moring N Quiz”
    - Since 16.02.01 "tjMBC Morning N Quiz" has been produced
    - Common sense Quiz show to awaken the morning brain

  • Smart Science quiz show 'Let’s go'
    - Boring science ended now! Quiz Show to solve science phenomenon by story
    - Produced every year in live broadcasting in the city of science Daejeon, broadcasting in the whole country

  • Korean Hanlyu Quiz Show 'Join Us Korea'
    - The best broadcasting for studying English in the world is Arirang TV
    - Season 1 (24eps) production completed, season 2 additional production confirmed

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quiz time icon

Enjoy with your friends

Quiz game for SmartPhone Users.

You can participate in a quiz event from anywhere.

If you have a smart phone, you can participate in a quiz game.
When you sign up for the camp, you are invited to participate in quiz game in the camp.
Participate in weekly quiz show, which is held once a week.

Anyone can create a quiz event

Anyone can be a master of all camps for operating a trivia game.
The master can invite friends to camp and exchange information.
The master can make the quiz event for members of the camp.

It is a open platform for quiz

Anyone can host the events in camp.
You can make your own quiz.
You can also use the quiz of the DB.
You can open your quiz for others to use.
  • 학교에서

    At School …

    Daily quiz show for students.
    Quiz show for the festivals.
  • 친구들과

    With friends...

    Quiz competition with friends
  • 기관에서

    At work...

    Who is the smartest one among us?
    Who is the smartest one in one field?
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school icon

Smart contents service for school

Interactive learning platform

Smart phone is not a bad thing.

It is the most powerful things that can help the learning.
As long as we supply good contents smart phone will be better.

Imaginations of ThankyouAge.

The teacher will make reservation for morning quiz event to the students.
Every morning students will receive the invitation push for the event.
History teacher collect the history related video, and publish it to the students, and hold the History Quiz Show.
Teacher can also make commentary for the quiz, so that students can understand contents easily.
Please make the unique memories for students.
  • Every morning quiz game. All students will receive the quiz invitation..

    Every morning quiz game.
    All students will receive the quiz invitation..

  • Class vs. Class  Quiz combat with the Rival

    Class vs. Class
    Quiz combat with the Rival

  • Paperless test for students

    Paperless test for

  • Quiz show in festivals.Who is the quiz king of our school?

    Quiz show in festivals.
    Who is the quiz king of our school?

marketing background
marketimg icon

Hold events on Thankyouage

Platform for Festivals, Advertisement and Marketing.

Quiz concert helps everyone can communicate together.

You can prepare the PC and run a quiz show on an ongoing professional MC.
ThankyouAge supports the display output to disclose the quiz show progress information.
With the display functions, Make all people focus at the stage events.
The display can be connected with multi-screen or beam projector.
You can announce the game information to the display functions.
The game information contains the analysis of the answer, the correct answer, the ranking, the winner and the information of game show.

Promote with online quiz concert.

Real-time broadcasts linked to YouTube can help maximize public relations effectiveness.
You do not have to pay a lot for promotion anymore.
Use the pre-quiz events to promote various cultural festivals.
Prizes can be exchanged in the site of event, and important contents can be guided at each stage of solving the quizzes.
Want to promote your new product? Put a hint on your ads, upload it on YouTube, give it a prize, and hold a quiz competition. Your ads will be exposed to participants before the quiz competition.
The effectiveness of your ads improves and real-time satisfaction surveys are also available for participants.
You can organize special and smart festivals, public relations and marketing events.
  • Cultural festival

    Cultural festival

  • University festival

    University festival

  • Science festival

    Science festival

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kseek icon

About us.


The first Korea Search Engine developer.

In 1995. Kor-Seek was made by a student.
Kor-seek is the first search engine which support Korean Language search.
It is very difficult to find korean information by english search engine.
So there were lots of english homepage in Korea. After Kor-seek anouncement,
people make homepage of Hangul(Korean Language) and register it's url to kor-seek.
KSEEK was named from Kor-seek and established by the student. in 1998

ThankyouAge history.

In 1999, KSEEK made the first interactive quiz show with KBS
Kseek prepared ThankyouAge during the last 5 years.
We test it in the office over the 10000 times.
It is used for online event over the 200 times.
It is used for field event over the 100 times.
ThankyouAge is used for broadcasting over the 30 times.


Tel : 070-8668-8668
E-mail :